Home Improvement

Your bathroom may be in desperate need of a new look, but where do you start when planning its makeover? Do you want to replace the entire suite and give the room a transformational contemporary style? Or do you want to just update certain key fixtures and fittings, such as your vanity unit, wall cabinets and faucets?
A well-designed bathroom can be a wonderful asset to your home. From grabbing a quick shower before rushing out to work or to meet friends, to enjoying a long hot soak in the tub, our bathrooms offer a welcome retreat from the stresses of modern living. If your bathroom is in dire need of updating give us a call at 301-946-0700
Each bathroom remodeling project can help create more space and update your home with new fixtures including: Jacuzzi or jet tubs, ceramic or vinyl tile. Custom vanity and sinks as well as water saving commodes. All of our bathrooms are installed up to building code standards.
Finishing your basement is not only a good investment that can increase the value of your home; it can also lower your energy bills by 30%*. With energy prices going through the roof, finishing your basement provides great value for your investment.
Updating your kitchen can be rewarding for you and your home. Did you know that national studies have found that 70 percent of the cost of kitchen remodeling costs are recouped upon resale.
Maybe you're an aspiring chef or you just love cooking? Remodel your kitchen with modern kitchen appliances and faucets, clean, beautiful countertops, a new sink or backsplash. Redesign your kitchen layout and organization by adding an island or more cabinets. No matter if it’s a small kitchen or large we can help you decide what can be done within your budget. The job could range from a complete renovation to new sinks and new cabinets or on a smaller scale add a kitchen island or cabinet lights.
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