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HVAC Innovation specialized in Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Service, Installation, and Maintenance to all brands in: Furnaces, Air Handler, Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Boilers, Water Heaters, Roof Top Units, Ductless Heating and Cooling, Humidifiers, Thermostat, Air Cleaners, Solar Water Heating, and Home Improvement. HVAC Innovation has been proud to service the Washington Metro Area (Rockville, Silver Spring, DC area, Alexandria, Herndon, Sterling, Fairfax, Arlington…) since 2004. Whenever you need our service, we’re here for all your heating and cooling concerns — from estimates & repairs to installations & maintenance with a smile, we’re always just a phone call or click away.

Solar Air Conditioning and Hot water:
It is a great investment and has a major benefit for the environment. HVAC Innovation is proud to help our customers install and incorporate solar electricity to your home. Our technicians will provide installation and maintenance for air conditioning, and hot water.

Air Conditioning and Heating:
We follow blueprints or other manufacturer specifications to install gas and electric heating systems and air-conditioning systems. After putting the equipment in place, we install air ducts and vents, pumps, and other components. We also connect electrical wiring and controls and check the unit for proper operation. To ensure the proper functioning of the system, we use combustion test equipment, such as carbon monoxide testers to ensure that the system will operate safely and at peak efficiency in your home.
We are careful to conserve, recover, and recycle the refrigerants used in air-conditioning. The release of these refrigerants can be harmful to the environment and we ensure that the refrigerant is properly disposed of.

Home Improvement:
Your bathroom may be in desperate need of a new look, but where do you start when planning its makeover? Do you want to replace the entire suite and give the room a transformational contemporary style? Or do you want to just update certain key fixtures and fittings, such as your vanity unit, wall cabinets and faucets?
A well-designed bathroom can be a wonderful asset to your home. From grabbing a quick shower before rushing out to work or to meet friends, to enjoying a long hot soak in the tub, our bathrooms offer a welcome retreat from the stresses of modern living. If your bathroom is in dire need of updating give us a call at 301-946-0700
Each bathroom remodeling project can help create more space and update your home with new fixtures including: Jacuzzi or jet tubs, ceramic or vinyl tile. Custom vanity and sinks as well as water saving commodes. All of our bathrooms are installed up to building code standards.
Finishing your basement is not only a good investment that can increase the value of your home; it can also lower your energy bills by 30%*. With energy prices going through the roof, finishing your basement provides great value for your investment.
Updating your kitchen can be rewarding for you and your home. Did you know that national studies have found that 70 percent of the costs of kitchen remodeling costs are recouped upon resale?
Remodel your kitchen with modern kitchen appliances and faucets, clean, beautiful countertops, a new sink or backsplash. Redesign your kitchen layout and organization by adding an island or more cabinets. No matter if it’s a small kitchen or large we can help you decide what can be done within your budget. The job could range from a complete renovation to new sinks and new cabinets or on a smaller scale add a kitchen island or cabinet lights.


”He was thorough and explained to me everything he did. Very knowledgeable. I have recommended his services already”

”Ben is like a friend to me. I’ve been working with him since 2001 and always does good quality work. I always feel secure that he will not disappoint me.”

”HVAC Innovation installed a humidifier in my home and I am completely satisfied with the experience. The owner/operator Ben is a standup guy. I previously had estimates from other companies who either quoted insane prices or refused to do the work saying it was impossible due to the tight mechanical room space. Ben and I brainstormed a few options and made a plan and scheduled a date. He was prompt, friendly, and professional. There were a few changes we had to come up with on the fly from our original plan but he was thoughtful in how to do it. I recommended him to my neighbor immediately on the same day. I would highly recommend him to anyone. His work is great and he is extremely trustworthy.”

”Ben is very professional and expert in the business. Mr Ben educate me on Ac do’s and don’ts. He was very punctual and was able to repair my air conditioner. That night the Ac went out and I called him in the morning and was in my place promptly as scheduled. He discover the issue and made a lasting repair free of charge. He treated me like family and was very nice . He is very good at his job and will make a follow up call to make sure that everything is working well. He is honest and his charges reasonable and competitive. I highly recommend Ben the owner of HVAC innovation.”

”Before too much time goes by i wanted to thank you for all your hard work to make our new house. You imprint of fine craftsmanship is evident throughout and has helped us to realize the quality and style in our home that we dreamed we could have. It has been privilege to work with you and i look forward to our next project together.!”

“I would like to thank you for all of your hard work on our basement this fall. It really looks great and certainly would not have turned out as well without your hard work. We were impressed with the quality of your workmanship, and with the quality of your suggestions as well. Thank you for hooking our washer and drier back up every weekend so we could do laundry!”

“I am writing to thank you for the quality job you did in our bathroom. Both you and your work were very professional and neat. You kept us updated about your schedule and how the work progressed. We enjoyed how personable and friendly you are. The bathroom looks beautiful and we are all very exciting to use it now. We will be happy to use your service again when we have a need.”

“I just wanted to thank you for installing our new air conditioning and furnace! You did it so quickly and you did such a nice job with little mess! We are so relieved that we now have a system that is up to code and works great. Hopefully nothing in our house will break for a long time, but if it does, we are happy to know that we can count on you to help us.”






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