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We follow blueprints or other manufacturer specifications to install gas and electric heating systems and air-conditioning systems. After putting the equipment in place, we install air ducts and vents, pumps, and other components. We also connect electrical wiring and controls and check the unit for proper operation.<br /> To ensure the proper functioning of the system, we use combustion test equipment, such as carbon monoxide testers to ensure that the system will operate safely and at peak efficiency in your home.<br /> We are careful to conserve, recover, and recycle the refrigerants used in air-conditioning. The release of these refrigerants can be harmful to the environment and we ensure that the refrigerant is properly disposed of.

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Maryland is one of the few states that incorporated solar energy to homes. HVAC Innovation is proud to help our customers install and incorporate solar electricity to your homes. Our expert contractors will provide maintenance and installation for your newly bought solar panels. It is a great investment and can save you a lot on your electric bills.<br /> HVAC Innovation is trained and experienced in the installation and maintenance of solar water boilers.

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